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Historie fotbalového oddílu

Historie tělovýchovné jednoty

25.8.2012Season 2012/13 started (results, table).
28.7.201212th Memorial Competition of Jaroslav Fajman
50th anniversary of the football club
14.8.2011Season 2011/12 started (results, table).
6.8.201111th Memorial Competition of Jaroslav Fajman
15.8.2010Season 2010/11 started (results, table).
7.8.201010th Memorial Competition of Jaroslav Fajman
9.8.2009Season 2009/10 started (results, table).
25.7.20099th Memorial Competition of Jaroslav Fajman (invitation - .jpg - in czech)
10.8.2008Season 2008/09 started (results, table).
26.7.2008Memorial competition of Jaroslav Fajman (results - .jpg)
25.-27.7.2008Friendly visit of SV Lohmen in Víska
30.3.2008Spring season 2007/08 started (results, table).
11.8.2007Season 2007/08 started (results, table).
August 2007Friendly visit in Lohmen (photo-gallery).
- small report from one of the visitors (here in czech language)
1.4.2007Spring season 2006/07 started (results, table).
13.8.2006Season 2006/07 started (results, table).
29.7.2006Memorial competition of Jaroslav Fajman (information for press).
July 2006Friendly visit of SV Lohmen in Víska (report of SV Lohmen, common photo).
June 2006Web-pages SV Lohmen added (www.SV90Lohmen.de).
June 2006Several snapshots added into photo-gallery.
16.4.2006Spring season 2005/06 started (results, table).
14.8.2005Season 2005/06 started (results, table).
30.7.2005Memorial competition of Jaroslav Fajman (information from press).
18.6.2005Víska fell down into the 3rd class after 4 years in the highest district league (results, table).
3.4.2005Spring season 2004/05 started (results, table).
15.8.2004Season 2004/05 started (results, table).
28.3.2004Spring season 2003/04 started (results, table).
10.8.2003Season 2003/04 started (results, table).
30.3.2003Spring season 2002/03 started (results, table).
25.1.2003Winter competition in Chotěboř (results).
10.8.2002Season 2002/03 started (results, table).
July 200240years since establishment of the football club in Viska. (article from newspaper).
7.4.2002Spring season 2001/02 started (results).
27.1.2002Winter competition in Chotěboř (results).
September 2001History of TJ and football club placed on these pages.
12.8.2001Season 2001/02 started (results).
27.5.2001Víska can celebrate victory three rounds up to the end of okresní přebor (results, table).

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