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History of the Football Club TJ Sokol Víska in Brief

    Football in Víska has a long tradition. The football club TJ Sokol Víska was established in 1962. However, the first enthusiastic footballers had already played football on the pitch U Filipových before the Second World War. They had often competed in friendly matches with the teams of the neighbouring villages. This tradition continued during the post war period. In the fifties some players played for the official team of the neighbouring village - Dynamo Maleč.
    The small size of the pitch and its unsuitable position near the water and gardens led to the search for a flat place for a new full-sized pitch. At the end of the fifties, after long discussions and difficult negotiations they started to build the new pitch in the centre of the village. This area had been used as a public orchard and to tend cattle, therefore, it caused displeasure on the part of the local residents. After three years of concerned effort by many enthusiastic people, including the village council, with the help of JZD Nová Ves - Víska (the local agriculture company) and later the local road maintenance company, the pitch was completed.
    A great stimulation for the volunteers during the building of the pitch was the success of our national football team, as they competed at the world cup in Chile. (They finished in 2nd place.) Participants recall as they were listening to the live radio broadcast from the public address system and were finishing work on the pitch with the idea of calling it Stadion Chile.
    In the season of 1963/64 the team was entered in the III. třída (at that time the lowest official league) of the district Havlíčkův Brod. The forty-year-history has produced a lot of nice moments for everyone, a lot of big successes but some disappointments as well. The biggest successes are as follows: the victory of the Okresní přebor (the highest district league) in 1972/73 season and the rise to the I.'B' třída (the lowest regional league). In years 1985-88, the under-14 used to play the Krajská soutěž (the lowest regional league) and in the period 1989-92, the same generation in the under-18 team used to play the Krajská soutěž as well.
    In 1973, the club formed a friendship with a German club SV Lohmen* (in the past called Tractor Gerdshagen). Since that time many sportsmen have visited each other for friendship matches.
    For the last three years it has coped with a crisis that culminated about four years ago and since then the team has returned to the Okresní přebor. A promise for the future is the improving performance of the under-14 team.

In July 2001
*Actual web-site: www.SV90Lohmen.de.

Overview of Positions since Season 1963

History in Dates

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