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History of the TJ Sokol Víska in Brief

    Sport Club Sokol Víska has continued the activities of Sokol Maleč. This sport club was established in approximately 1920 and united members from Maleč and the neighbouring villages, including Víska. The oldest existing records are minutes from 8th annual meeting held in the U Suchých pub in Maleč on 6th January 1927.
    Sokol has pursued mainly physical education. However, until the fifties it also had a significant role in mental education. There were organised gymnastic exhibitions, theatre performances, singing and celebrations of significant figures in Czech history.
    During the Second World War Sokol's activity was interrupted. After resumption, activities came mainly from Víska members. Therefore, in 1946 Sokol Maleč was renamed Sokol Maleč - Víska. In 1953 the organisation was divided into Sokol Víska and STS Dynamo Maleč.
    T.J. Sokol Víska has continued in sporting activities. Pupils train regularly and attend various athletic and gymnastic competitions. Our members have attended as active sportsmen and sportswomen in every Slet and Spartakiada. With various intensity they have been participating in sports such as football, ice hockey, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, etc.
    In 1962, the Football Club was established. Since that time it has been the most significant part of Sokol's activities. Hence, this page informs mainly about this aspect of the club.

In July 2001

Explanation of terms:
Sokol Originally a sport organisation with national supporting activities established in 1862.
TJ Something like SC - Sport Club
Slet Traditional national gymnastic Sokol exhibition - sport nation celebration - is usually held once every five years.
Spartakiada Variant of Slet in the communist period - used also for communist presentation.

History in Dates

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